a. Convention & Media Services

• First Protocol handled the organization and the press coverage of several conventions that were prepared in Beirut as well as the organization of honoring ceremony:
• Press coverage for the convention of the “General Union of Arab Insurance”, under the patronage of the late President Rafic Hariri, held at the Phoenicia Hotel – May 2004. The presence was from Lebanon, Arab and foreign countries.
• Press coverage for the convention of “Good governance in the banking sector”, under the patronage of H.E President Riad Salame, held at the Movenpick Hotel – December 2004.
• Press coverage for the convention of “Beirut Rendez-vous”, held at the Phoenicia Hotel – May 2005.
• Honoring Ceremony for the Minister of Public Works and Transportation Mr. Ghazi Al Aridy as well as for the General Director of the Ministry of Transportation Mr. Hassan Kouraytem. This ceremony was held at Gefinor Rotana Hotel, Hamra – July 2009.
• Organization of the convention of “Al Wassatie”, under the patronage of Prime Minister Mr. Nagib Mikati held at the Four Seasons hotel – April 2010.

b. Proofreading

Proof Reading of publications in the Arabic language and printing books

First Protocol handles the proof reading of some Arabic publications and books. The most known in the field are:
• “Executive” magazine: the Arabic publication translated throughout a year and a half between 2003 & 2005.
• Proof reading of the translated Spanish book into Arabic from the European Union. This book was given as a gift to the Italian Prime Minister Mr. Romano Broudi when he was the President of the Federation in 2003.
• Preparing a book on the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Agriculture in Beirut and Mount Lebanon in 2010, commissioned by the Board of Directors

c. Media & PR Consulting

First Protocol has a Media & PR consulting department to help and to advise local and international institutions:

• Media consulting for the Lebanese Association for Maritime Transport since its inception in 2002 (preparing media material for launching the Assembly)
• Conducting studies for foreign investors and Arabs, including Mexican correspondents working on solid waste issue (preparing a report on the extraordinary situation in Lebanon) and investors in real estate from Kuwait, followed by Media & PR consulting.

d. Documentaries

First Protocol started the production of documentary films for private and public institutions:

• Documentary films for the Port of Beirut (one for administration and a second for a private company that operates the container terminal in the port)
• A documentary film on the history of the Maronite League in Lebanon
• A film tribute to the Minister of Finance Raya Hassan on the occasion of International Women’s Day
• A documentary film about the history of the discovery of oil in the world and the most prominent transitions.

We, at First Protocol, hope that all our activities can meet and satisfy your demand and look forward to a mutual co-operation in the near future.